Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Responding to the modern challenges of secure access to technology anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Here at FMC, we have been providing cloud services since as early as 2008. Our newly launched brand called offers the renting of customised data centre solutions. is based upon EU and NATO national and security criteria. In addition to delivering security, its purpose is to provide IT services that are accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.

With, you can use computer technologies and applications securely. It provides standard fire and burglary protection as well as close surveillance using a quality security service that offers immediate interventions in the case of a break-in in the secure area. Physical data security is ensured through security doors, walls and a special system protection. If you opt to protect your information with our data centre solutions, you can also choose from a number of additional security measures. Employees authorised to work in the data centre are vetted by state authorities for access to classified information at the appropriate level of classification.

  • Physical Capacities Rental

As a provider of comprehensive information infrastructure, we offer the rental of solutions tailored to the needs of your business at our data centre – – that will drive your IT costs down.  By renting space, physical servers, server racks or individual technical solutions from our portfolio (on secure premises with high-tech equipment), you can reduce your IT costs and save time that you would otherwise have to spend on the management and maintenance of your information infrastructure. At the same time, we guarantee high availability with greater energy efficiency as well as information and physical security.

  • Virtual Server Environment Rental

Virtual server rental is particularly well-suited for users looking for flexibility in utilising hardware capabilities. The user can decide how much processing power, memory and disk storage they need (for a specified period or indefinitely). If their needs increase, users of our data centre ( can quickly and easily increase the amount of resources utilised by their virtual server – temporarily or permanently.

  • Development and Test Environment Rental

Why invest time and money in purchasing and deploying an IT environment for development and testing purposes when you can simply rent our hardware (with software included) according to the SaaS or IaaS model? We also provide the maintenance and optimisation of your environment according to your current needs.

  • Hybrid IT Environment Deployments

Here at FMC, we have at our disposal a wealth of experience in designing and implementing ICT infrastructure in data centres. Our design is based on tried and tested virtualisation platforms and a hybrid cloud model that integrates private, partner and public cloud services. This makes your IT environment more flexible, economical and more focused on the business application level.