Aplikativne storitve

Aplikativne storitve
  • Data Backup

Can you imagine doing business without your data? FMC Cloud Backup offers complete data protection, both locally and at remote locations. It delivers a reliable, centralised solution, eliminating any worries you might have regarding protection of your most valuable business asset – data. FMC Cloud Backup simplifies all aspects of data protection, ranging from easy implementation and automatic operation to immediate protection / data transfer to an external location as well as fast recovery. Superior security, state-of-the-art technologies, unrivalled reliability and regulatory compliance are just a few of the reasons why numerous companies are opting for FMC Cloud Backup.

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service

FMC NoPanic is a service for people looking for a safe and reliable information environment for business-critical applications. Our data centre (Complete-datacenter.si), featuring maximum energy and physical security, ISO 27001 management and NATO certification, delivers various Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios for your physical and virtual IT environments without any start-up costs:

  • physical device and server redundancy,
  • application replication services,
  • virtual server replication,
  • disk array replication,
  • backup and data recovery.
  • Document and Business Process Management

Our service for document and business process management is called ShakeSpeare™ an extremely efficient application for managing projects and documents and for virtualising your entire e-office. It is more than just a Document Management System; it is a complete solution for managing workflows and projects, featuring a powerful interface that allows you to design customised workflows. With this workflow software system, you will be able to manage your entire paperwork, end-to-end. Its features also include managing and designing projects and leveraging large amounts of generated data to create clear and actionable reports.

  • Integrated IT Environment Management

FMC Moon – Maas (Monitoring as a Service) is a service that enables IT infrastructure administrators to eliminate problems even before they fully develop. FMC Moon alerts users about potentially dangerous situations, provides an estimated location, detects the cause and even automatically performs certain corrective measures. FMC Moon is a monitoring system that reliably improves the health of your IT infrastructure by preventing any unplanned system downtime and increasing IT availability. It features real-time display of the current status and utilisation of your physical or virtual servers, applications and network.

  • Office365 Migration and Management

Microsoft Office 365 helps you and your employees to work more efficiently – at home, in the office or on the road. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud service whereby users can use the latest versions of the programs, which are also accessible from tablet computers or other mobile devices.

  • Microsoft Azure Migration and Management

Security does not necessarily mean just safeguarding your data against unauthorised access. Sometimes it also means protecting the data and having access to it in emergencies. Can you still access your mission-critical files if you close down your company temporarily due to a natural disaster? Do you think that you might lose your key or sensitive data in such instances? For events like these, Microsoft Azure offers:

  • Duplication of physical devices and servers at a location.
  • Mission Critical application replication services.
  • Virtual server replication.
  • Disk array replication.
  • Data backup.